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Anyone else having a crazy kid summer already?
It is amazing how quickly a simple 'fun' family outing can turn into an overwhelming ordeal...here is the story;
Ricky and I thought it would be 'fun' to take the kids to Fireworks at 10 o clock, this was mistake #1. We took the kids to the parade that day, and then came home for a quick snack and to change into PJ's. We left at 9:40pm. They were already tired and Big B fell asleep on the car ride to the park. We woke her up to see the fireworks, mistake #2. After realizing she was not going to be much fun we should have just went home, but we stayed instead, mistake #3. We struck out! Big B went on the tantrum of her life(you know the kind where everyone is staring!), it lasted a long grueling hour, it was absolutly horrific, I'm sure you can imagine...I'm also pretty sure is belongs on an Abstinence video :)
Well, we finally made it home and this incidence went down in history as Ricky's worst kids experience ever.
The End


bpetersen said...

I love it! K is sure trying my patience lately too! I would have loved to see the tantrum though. Just remember you aren't the only set of parents to go through it, we all do sooner or later. Thanks for hanging out with us lately!

Love you guys!

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