4:35 PM

The 1 and Only Baby G!!!

These are some of the many faces of our Baby G. We absolutely adore him! He is all smiles(unless he is hungry), and they are so contagious! All I have to do is look at him and his whole face lights up, and it makes my day! I can't imagine life without him! Anyways...I just had to do a little post of him because he is just so gosh darn cute! Seriously though, he is the cutest baby to ever be born, and he for sure has the cutest smile of all time! ;)


sjck said...

Hi guys!
He is super cute and looks so much like both of you! Hope you are all doing great!

Nikki said...

hey girl! oh my gosh your kids are soooo cute!!! I love your blog!

~Nikki Moshier~

Ashley said...

He is SOOOOO yummy! =D