5:52 PM

Summer Time!

Baby G sporting his new winter hat ;)
Big B is always ready to strike a pose for the camera, smile!
We love our Baby G, he has the most contagious smile :)
Big B and Ben were fighting over the pink chair...they are so funny together!

Me and Baby G hanging out at the Orem Parade.

Ricky is the best dad. The kids love him so much!
Baby G is already in training...he knows how to hang out with the best of us.
Nanna and Ben showing off their styling sun glasses.
Pappa, Nanna and Baby G swinging in the back yard while Big B and Ben fight over the pink chair...lol
Playing at grandma Tina and grandpa Marks with aunt Brit on the tramp.


bpetersen said...

I have to say I love the pic of you and G at the parade. You look gorgeous!