10:50 AM

Quote of The Week

I wanted to start a quote of the Week. Hopefully it will help all of us moms out there to realize how wonderful, important, and necessary we are. We are the foundation of what our world is going to be made of...and sometimes we need a pat on the back! Good job Moms!

"Little by little our charitable acts change our natures, define our characters, and ultimately make us women with the courage to say to the Lord, 'Here am I; send me'."
---Elder Dallin H. Oaks


Three Little Angels said...

Good idea! I love quotes.
Sorry we never called you on monday... you know how life gets?

How's everything?

Love ya!

Jay & Kara Barney said...

Thanks for sharing! It's nice to get a boost once in a while and be reminded of how important our place as mothers is.