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Trying to catch up!

There are so many things to catch up on...We didn't have the Internet for over a month, so I got really behind on my blogs, email, and so forth. I would like to say thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of our move, and for the friendship we have felt both from home, and from Hilo.

As for us...here is a brief report.

Ricky is doing well, he got his name in the paper for taking 3rd place in a National writing contest, he is on Law Review, as well as finding out that he graduated top 10% of his class. He is excelling at work and never stops working hard!
He is amazing and I am blessed to be his wife.

Becky(me) is loving every bit of Hilo, Hawaii!!!
I love the sun, the rain, the sea, the beaches, the creatures, the sounds, the smells, the fruit(I'm addicted to Rambutan) and everything else about Hawaii. I love the people, the foods, the culture, the pace, overall the spirit that I feel so strongly when I am here. I have not been this close to the spirit since I had time to actually listen to church services instead of keeping the surrounding 3 rows in the chapel from hearing it, or chasing kids down the hall ways screaming. lol. (Moms I'm sure you know what I mean) There is only one thing that I do not like about Hawaii, my favorite people are not here. If I could fix that, I would be in heaven!

Brooklyn is doing great in school and actually enjoys it! She is making friends and blossoming here. She is the best helper, is always happy to do her homework, and hardly complains anymore.

Bentley is Bentley lol, he is my luv bug. So as long as we get our snuggle time on the couch everyday he is easy to handle. He always has a smile on his face and lots of love for everyone.

Gavin is "captain destructo", he's 2, so there isn't anything he can't destroy! He is also a runner...he will start no matter where he is at a dead run, and will not stop until he has been chased down. I spend a lot of my time chasing him.

Well that is pretty much the gist of it. We love you all and hope that you get to come and see us soon!!!!

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Catching up on PICTURES!!!

Mauna Kea Beach...
Playing in the sand, as usual!
Ricky was giving the kids the 411 on the beach, snorkeling...
Our new friends in Hawaii, this is Aunty Ellen and miss Anna ;)
Playing at the Champagne Pond, It is a cool snokeling spot and an awesome 4 wheel drive in to see this beautiful nook.

The waves are crashing in shallow water here, you can take the kids out to catch some waves on the body boards...all you have to do is help them catch it.

We get some fun lizards in our house ;O)
Playing in the mudd in the front yard during a rain storm.

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Botanical Gardens and Umauma Falls

This was the oddest thing, all throughout the Garden trail we were stepping on macadamia nut shells. I was used as a ground cover like we would use mulch. It was kind of cool.

This was the outside botanical garden trail, if you look close, you can see the macadamia nuts we are standing on.

Brooklyn loved this! It was a mosaic of a bottle nosed dolphin(her favorite animal). I would kill to have those baby blue eyes!

These are the Umauma Falls that are right next to the Botanical Garden trail. Beautiful!

Father and son checking out 'The Falls' from the viewing deck.
You know how on the mainland we etch our names into the bark of a tree, well they have these thick tough leaves of a bushy tree that people do the same thing on here.

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Hapuna Beach

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This is one of our favorite beaches!
We usually go to this beach on a Saturday so that the whole family can go.
It is however 2hrs away...but totally worth it. The size of the waves are perfect for the kids to boogie board on. They love to swim in the ocean. The kids are like fishies in the water, and when they get in, they never want to come out! We had to practically drag them out, and that was after 5hrs at the beach.

Brooklyn loves to snorkel! One day she decided to try it, and has loves it ever since, she took to it so quickly, even faster than me. Gavin is still scared of the water and hates to be taken in past his knees, but he will get in a little ways by himself. This is progress. Ricky is working 10 hour days 5 days a week, and I am now a single mom. This is not that fun. I am still trying to get used to it. Dragging the kids to Dr appointments, at the store, and around to look at houses can sometimes be a nightmare. I am adapting slowly. However, I would much rather be doing it in Hawaii than anywhere else.

Please keep in touch!
We miss all our friends and family dearly.
XOXOXO The Nelson Fam