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It has been a while...I'm uploading new pictures right now. Thank you to all our friends who check up on us and get bothered when we don't have any new pictures up :)

Mothers Day
disclaimer: to anyone who reads this...please be aware that the thoughts and opinions expressed here are honest, grammatically flawed, and possibly PG.

As Mothers Day approaches, I am reminded how un-fun it can be. Instead of planning a well deserved day at the spa I am stressing over presents that need to be bought, cards that need to be carefully read and written... to find the perfect one for all 3 of my moms, babysitters for my night out that dear hubby wants me to plan, and then there is the question of friends. All of my friends are moms, so do I get presents for them too? OR, will that piss them off because now they have to go out and get a present for me as not to be rude for forgetting it is also my mothers day?
You can see the dilemma, "Mothers Day" quickly becomes "Stressed Out Day"

I have personally invoked the, "DO NOTHING DAY" instead of "Mothers Day"
Rules: (feel free to repeat this to yourself)
No presents for anyone but myself
No children for the entire 24 hours
No cooking, cleaning, laundry...
No finance report to hubby on money spent for my personal day
All intimate relations shall be based upon my level of interest and be about my pleasures
(add any others you would like)

I think that if all Moms everywhere took this approach to mothers day we would all be much happier Mommies :)


Three Little Angels said...

I love it! No presents! I'm just giving cards to my mom's and that's it. So... sorry happy mother's day but you're right no need to stress each other out. :)

I love all the pictures!!

Jay & Kara Barney said...

You hit it right on the nose! I love it. Now we just need to let the hubbies know what's going on and then we'll be set.
I love all the cute new pics. Your kids are all so darling.
PS Happy Mother's Day

MVP Family said...

I think we need to get that in contract. Love the idea!