11:38 PM



I've been thinking a lot about dreams lately.
It's something I thought I gave up on a long time ago. Every time a new season of "SYTYCD" begins, it stirs up the usual turmoil of soul wrenching pain over unfulfilled dreams. For those of you who don't know this about me...there were only two dreams I had when I was younger; one was to be a great mom, the other was to be a professional dancer.

I look on in envy at those who seem to be achieving their dreams. I feel frustration by my lack of motivation, and fear of criticism. I see moms who seem to do such a better job with there kids than I do, or people I grew up dancing next to that I have to turn on the TV to see now.
How would it be if my life were different?
Would I be happier?
Where is my road? Am I on it? Is there truly 'a time and a season'?

So many things to contemplate into the wee hours of the morning.

Then there is the question of what makes up a life of meaning and finding balance in that life.
That is if finding a life of meaning equals happiness...which is all we really want anyway, right?
Some days I want to conquer my fears...
Others... I just want to make it through the day, holding onto the hope that some day my dreams may come true.

So life continues on in all it's mysteries, and while it may SEEM that some have what we lack...well, that is just how we see it. I would wager that if we asked the right person, they would see something much different.
And so it goes...with hope for the future.
Now what?


MVP Family said...

I love how you are so good with words and can express probably what everyone is feeling to some degree. Dreaming is something I don't do often and if it is lately it is all about what this baby is!