12:20 PM


SO I have been thinking...ya know how the boys go on their motorcycle trip every year? I am going to plan a LADIES trip for us moms, every year from now on! I am not sure where or when yet, but I am going to figure it out, and we can rotate who plans the trip each year just like the guys do if we want to. I am posting this because I want some ideas, good or bad, yes or no, whatever...let me know how you feel!
As I was thinking about it, I realized I have no idea what I would even do or where I would go...life without my kids or my husband??? Which is exactly why we SHOULD do this! I know empty nest syndrome is many years away, but I don't want it to sneak up on me unprepared and unaware. I need time to be me, a girl, and just have fun! Anyone else feeling like this? The gauntlet had been thrown! We have talked about it before and done nothing...time for action! Let's live a little!


bpetersen said...

GREAT Idea! I know we always talk about it but it never gets done... even if its just a day trip without kids and husbands we should do it! Let's go shopping at the outlets in park city or something... go to a spa :)

By the way we haven't seen you guys forever! We miss you!

Dugovic Domain said...

I'm in baby - you tell me when and where - I'm would LOVE some play time!(and some lrest/eat too much/ sleep-in time ;oP

Ashley said...

If I still lived in Utah I would be ALL for it! Maybe you guys can take a week long trip out to Florida! haha I wish! ;)