1:58 PM

Family Fun & Swim Party!

This is "Sgnt Dimppels" Ricky & I made him back when we thought Ricky was going to Irag. He was supposed to be my snuggle bear. Well, Big B has decided he is hers and they go everywhere together and she never sleeps with out him. lol. go figure :)
Little B skinned his toe and Pappa is doctoring him up.
My mom is very proud of Big B. This is them with the medal she got from her gymnastics recital. so cute!

The kids went to a Korts Birthday party and had a blast!!!
They did relay races and ate watermelon. The best was the water balloon fight!
This is Big B with the Birthday boy who is SO photogenic, what a cutie!


Anonymous said...

Hi Becky, I'm glad to hear that big B loves the outfit...Nit loved it too. :) You'll have to post some pics so we can see her as a little cheerleader!