9:38 PM

Big B, Jr. Cheerleader!

Big B loved being a Jr. Cheerleader! She was so cute, and it was so fun to see her working it!
I had way too much fun dressing the fam in green and white! B and I painted our toe and finger nails green, picked out the perfect green and white ribbon for her hair, and she even let me curl her pig tails! It was an ultimate proud mommy moment :)

This is at practice...
lol, so cute. She was so little that they put her front and center and I was getting funny looks as I cheered louder for the cheerleaders than the football team ;)
showing me her moves...
B and one of her Cheer advisers E. we love her.

Getting ready to go out and do her thang with her other jr. cheer buddies.


CaraNathan said...

Cute! Becky you are a great mom. I always knew you would be.

Ashley said...

She is TOO cute!