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We are loving living in Hawaii so far. The kids are doing great! They did pretty good on the plane ride over here, and have adapted to the changes like champs! We took them to the beach, and they loved body boarding and surfing like it was the best thing they had ever tried! It has been so cute to watch them go through all of these crazy experiences, and to watch how well they adapt. We have taken them snorkeling, but Bentley is the only one who will put his head under the water. We have found some of the best spots on the island already thanks to "Auntie Nancy" who sent us the "book on Hawaii the Big Island," it has been SO HELPFUL!!! Speaking of...Ricky has an awesome boss here in Hilo who has been wonderful to us, and we are so grateful to them.

The house we are staying in here is new and gorgeous, however it gets to be 90 degrees plus in here on hot days. That is the worst thing about Hawaii so far. They do have a Walmart that we go to often, but is about 20min. away, so that is the other not so favorite thing...everything is somewhat far away. Besides that, the weather outside is perfect! The sun is out every day, and it does sprinkle with rain every day, but its not bad at all(it's also not the rainy season yet). Ricky loves snorkeling, and says that it is addicting, lol. I just love looking under the water to see all of the cool ocean life!

We found a really fun off roading area in MY NEW JEEP!!! It is SO FUN! For anyone who doesn't know, I love off roading, so the jeep has been awesome! We found the coolest snorkeling spot called "Champagne Pond," but by the time we got there is was dark. lol.

So far everything has been great! The family is happy, and we are having a great time! Now we just need visitors to come and see what we are blessed to live in everyday.
WE LOVE YOU! and we miss you lots and lots...XOXOXO



whitney said...

We'll come visit!! I might have a giant pregnant belly but we'll come visit if we can stay with you!! Let me know if you hear of any graphic design jobs over there, we'll come move by you and be neighbors!! We sure do miss you guys! Hope you're loving it there!!