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This is one of our favorite beaches!
We usually go to this beach on a Saturday so that the whole family can go.
It is however 2hrs away...but totally worth it. The size of the waves are perfect for the kids to boogie board on. They love to swim in the ocean. The kids are like fishies in the water, and when they get in, they never want to come out! We had to practically drag them out, and that was after 5hrs at the beach.

Brooklyn loves to snorkel! One day she decided to try it, and has loves it ever since, she took to it so quickly, even faster than me. Gavin is still scared of the water and hates to be taken in past his knees, but he will get in a little ways by himself. This is progress. Ricky is working 10 hour days 5 days a week, and I am now a single mom. This is not that fun. I am still trying to get used to it. Dragging the kids to Dr appointments, at the store, and around to look at houses can sometimes be a nightmare. I am adapting slowly. However, I would much rather be doing it in Hawaii than anywhere else.

Please keep in touch!
We miss all our friends and family dearly.
XOXOXO The Nelson Fam


Ashley Koz said...

LOVE Hapuna Beach!! That was our main beach spot when we were there last year. We were staying in Wikoloa so it was about 20 min North. What a awesome experience for your kids, and you! did I mention I'm a little jealous Sheesh!!! luv ya

Kyle said...

Hapuna is one Great beach!! Looks like you guys are having fun. Enjoy the Big Island!!:)