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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!
I can not believe the new year is already upon us!
But seeing as I have a new year and a new chance to be better about keeping my blog updated it, needles to say, is on my list(for new year resolutions).

Quick update...
Ricky is half way done with Law school at the"Y" :) YAY! and is, of course, in the top of his class.
Becky(me), is tying to stay sain, keep up with the kids, and try to do some good along the way ;)
o ya, and I am still teaching Pilates at 24hr Fitness and Throwdown ETC, and if anyone wants to come try it out, I have free passes.
Big B is 5 now, and is still in Pre-school and is smart, sweet, and for the most part just chill. She is the best big sister to Gavin(who thinks she is life's bread), and is always helping me. I am really lucky to have her!
Ben is 2&1/2, and is on his way to potty training success! YAY!!!! He is a good boy with the energy of a monkey on caffeine(lots) and is constantly running, kicking, and "powing" as he calls it. He loves the power rangers and thinks he is a ninja :) He is forever entertaining us!
Baby G is all flit and smiles(like his dad), and is usually just crawling after everyone. He wishes he could walk and gets really frustrated when his efforts turn into face plants, but he keeps trying :) He thinks that "NO!" means it must be something worth getting into and tries relentlessly to succeed at his getting into whatever it is. His favorites are the garbage can under the sink, the sound dial on the entertainment center, the stairs, and the toilet!
We are one big crazy but happy family!
We are so incredibly blessed!
We love you all,
Merry Christmas(late), and Happy New Year!
(pics coming soon, for real ;)


Ashley said...

Sounds like your family is doing great! I look forward to your new years resolution of updating your blog more often! ;) xoxo

Jay and Kara Barney said...

It was fun to read about all of you. I'm so happy that you are all doing great. Give Rick high "5" from us because that is quite the accomplishment.