8:17 AM

Random Pics...

Big B had a blast doing Little mans hair during the football game ;)

Big B started Pre-school this year and this is her sitting in the reading corner...she loves her school!
Big B wanted to be like me and put on some make up...this pic captured the end result :)
Had to throw this one in of me...wishing we could be kids again and just take all the candy for ourselves and eat it...well, actually that's exactly what we did :)This was pre trick or treaters candy, and since we only had like 12 kids come to the house...well...we had plenty left over!
Big B being the cute sister that she is to Baby G. He loves his big sis!
Ben being his usual trouble making self, stopped to smile for the camera :)
Big B was Little Mermaid for Halloween this year, and had to show off her new dress up!
Baby G being his cute, smiley self :)
Big B playing at the park on the "horse"
Ricky and Baby G trying to play a song with these ding dong thingies...lol
Posing in another dress up favorite...the tutu.
K, this actually has a funny story... I was getting boxes of old clothes out for baby cause he is growing so fast out of the old ones, and my dad was getting Brooklyn dressed and saw this shirt, and put it on, thinking it was Bens, but cute enough, anyway...its a size 12 months, and its shrunken up! Ha Ha, we all got a good laugh, since it doesn't seem to look all that small on a 5 year old!
Me and Big B went to visit Ash and new baby girl in the hospital...SO CUTE~Congrats Petersens!
Baby G and his 2 teeth smile ;)

Happy Birthday Mom! It was her B Day and we were having cake and ice cream and having a great time!
Mom and her black and white cake ;) Happy Birthday!!!


bpetersen said...

yay! pictures! we had fun finally getting to see you guys the past couple of weeks :)

Jay and Kara Barney said...

It was fun to see all the new pics. You guys look great and your kids are awesome. We hope everything is going great

Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to say "hi" and I'm glad that big B likes the same clothes that Nit did! (from what Ashly tells me anyway) We'll be sending more your way soon - as soon as we move :) You're kids are cute as always and hope all is well! amber

Dugovic Domain said...

So glad to finally see new pics! It's nice to see that your kids are still cute/smart/funny as ever!

the Lola Letters said...

(me, chanting like a frat boy)