7:33 PM

Playing with the Fam

This was at my Birthday dinner with my family. My cute dad got me an Ice Cream cake, yum :)

These two pictures of Ricky and Baby G are hilarious. They do this a lot, sit and watch TV together...it is so cute. I love the matching profiles. You can tell who this baby belong to :)
And this is the glassy-eyed, look they get when they are ready for bed. LOL!
Big B is the best big sister, I know I say it all the time, but she really is. She gets upset when she doesn't get to hold G. And this little mans smile is so contagious...He smiles like this all day long!

Playing Golf with Pappa.
Swimming with the Petersens is always fun...Ben loves his floaters and thinks he is invincible.

Ben kept trying to drink from the water fountain squirting into the pool.
This is the face you will usually see on Ben...Chocolate!


Anonymous said...

MISS BECKY! You're alive and well! You're new baby is so so cute! I miss you girly come out do dinner with Laura and I one night

The Hammonds said...

I just found your blog through Kelly's and then Kara's. Long time no talk to. It is great to see how well all of you guys are doing. I thought I would say hello. You have a such a cute family!!!
-Julieanne (King) Hammond
Feel free to check out our blog, sjjhammond.blogspot.com