12:00 PM

Just Catching Up!!!

This is at Tandis lunch in the day before the wedding. Rena(Ts sis), T, & me
:) YAY! One more day!
The big day and Tandi had just gotten her dress on, what a babe!!!
Playing and dancing at the reception in the dell. Laura, T and me.

Big B finally got an Easy Bake Oven and this was her first creation.

Kort and Big B dancing at Tandis Wedding Reception, how cute are they!
Baby G hanging out as usual :)
All the kids playing in the chairs...he he he, so much fun!

RRRRRRRR, Ben took this to Sacrament meeting and everyone thought he was so funny.
Ricky taught Ben to was his hair the easy way ;) gotta love it!
All the fam gathering around in the living room, playing as usual.
Me and all three of my little rug rats that I love to pieces!
Getting presents from pappa Keith and Myra...having a blast!

Playing at the park on the swings. This is Baby Gs first swinging experience.
He is finally starting to like his bath time.
and...anything he can put in his mouth is always a plus!
and more...
and more...he was so cute I had to put in 4 diff pics. lol ;)


Ashley said...

Tandi got married? I'm so happy for her!!! Who did she marry?

Ashley said...
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Becky said...

His name is chase...they are so cute together! They are perfect for each other!