9:42 PM

Cutest Picture Ever!!!

I had to put this picture up, it is the cutest ever! These two are the cutest little buddies, and have so much fun together :) This is the last picture of 2007, so Happy New Year!


MVP Family said...

Love it! Makes all the crazy mom moments worth it when you catch the your kids doing funny things!

m. & m. said...

Beck! I'm so glad I saw your comment on my madre's blog and linked over to yours. I wondered if ya'll had a blog. Your kids, truly, are the cutest. I love the shape of Brooklyn's face; her little chin is so cute.

I'm glad to see you guys are happy. Post more pictures of you and your sweetheart!


Suep said...

I too am glad to find your blog! The kids are growing up so fast! What is the status of #3 baby?

Nelson Family said...

Yay! So I linked to your blogs but I don't know how to add you as a contact/link...so I'm glad you posted a little note so I can pop on your blog whenever now ;) Baby is coming any day. Ricky is an excited daddy. I'm just fat, cranky, and all around wonderful! I'll post an update and fill everyone in on the Nelson Fam. Miss you!