7:35 AM

7 months later...

It has been seven months since my last blog update...I dont know why it is so hard to find the time...i turned out to be as bad at facebook as I am at blogging lol.
Kids are growing, kindergarten has started for Brook. She is not sure if she likes it yet.
Ben is trying to ajust to having a little brother that wants his attention 24/7, Im not too sure he is ready for his new side kick.
Baby G is not so baby anymore. He is 19 months old and he is pretty sure hes at least 4. He gets upset When you cant understand his gibberish. . .and its a darn good thing he knows sign language for FOOD cause he would be starving...this is because the kid eats 20 times a day at least. lol:)
Dad is in his last year of Law School, and is always crazy busy. oh yah, and did I mention he is the pres of some Fraternaty. For anyone who knows him, yes I think it is possible for him to fit in a job too...oh wait, he did. lol. and somehow he still makes time for me and the kids. how lucky am i?
I am just trying to rehab my back, and re-align my brain(thats what well call it).
The rest of my life is rolled into a tight ball of kids, pee pee, whyning, diners and unending days, oh wait, and bartering;) And if I get more than 2 showers a week I would say it was a pretty good week! I love my job as mother and wife, even when I hate it. . .and now someone is screaming so its time for me to go.
Loves to you all!
Just because I dont always call doesnt mean that I dont love or miss you!