2:02 PM

Random family pictures :)

Little B put on Rickys bandanna when he got home from his motorcycle ride...so cute!

Ricky is an amazing dad, the kids love him. This is one of the many cute pictures with him and Baby G.
Ricky grew his beard out and competed at work for the best 'chin strap'...we never did find out who won, lol
I thought it was pretty hot, so I made him give me a profile shot too ;)
One of Little Bs many miss adventures while I was trying to sleep in lol
This one was powdered sugar, and it got all over the entire house!

Big B and Little B being cute for the camera
Baby G giving me his handsome little smile
In Logan, hanging out with Rickys fam on the 24th of July.
I love Baby Gs face when he is eating...its very serious business.
The kids get to tear up old phone books and color, cut or do whatever they want to them...and they love it! I think its good for them to get the 'okay' to destroy something every once in a while so they are hopefully less likely to destroy something important, lol. :)


Jay & Kara Barney said...

Very cute pictures. You guys look so happy and enjoying family life. That's what life is all about. I'm glad you guys were able to get away on vacation, that's awesome. It looks like the guys had a great time on their motorcycle trip.