8:30 PM

In Our True Element

I love this picture...it truly shows Ricky in his element as Daddy. He always looks like he is on the verge of falling asleep :) Bless his heart, he is the best dad and husband!
Capturing Baby G in one of his elements. This little one is either sleeping or watching TV. Go figure!
Lil B is our Choco-holick!!! He can NEVER get enough! This is just after licking the brownie bowl after making a batch with dad and Big B, and he is begging for more!
As previously mentioned...here is Baby G doing his second favorite thing, watching TV! HaHa
Grandpa is the biggest help! He comes over every day to help me with the kids, and of course he loves being a grandpa and spoiling them all! Almost every morning he will bring over a chocolate donut for Brooklyn, or SONIC for everyone for breakfast! That is my kind of Grandpa! :)


MVP Family said...

You have the best family! I would love to have chocolate donuts brought to me in the morning!